Payment Plans

**PAYMENT PLANS ARE NOW AVAILABLE. Please read this page in its entirety if this is of interest to you.**

Have the painting that you want, even if it takes time. There is no shame in not being able to shell out a large amount of money in one go, for a work of art. Payment Plans are available for people who are serious about owning my original paintings but who cannot pay the full amount in one transaction. 

What is a payment plan?
A payment plan is a commitment to make payments on a painting until I have received the full amount. The full amount is the listing price plus the shipping and handling fee. After I have received the full amount, your painting will be sent to you. 

What is the minimum Payment?
There is no minimum amount. I will work with you on what amount works for you and how often you can afford to make your payments. Communication and honesty is important.

Are payment plans available for International buyers?
Yes. All payments are in USD.

What if someone tries to buy the painting that I am making payments on?
I won't let that happen, even if they offer to pay the full amount up front. Once you have made your first payment, the painting will be officially reserved for you. No exceptions.

What if I change my mind and want a different painting?
It is important for you to be absolutely certain that you want the painting, before you contact me to begin a payment plan. Changing your mind only complicates things and I'd like to keep this as simple as possible. Bear that in mind. If you change your mind and want a different painting, the payments that you have made so far can be applied to that painting. If possible, an arrangement can be made but you must contact me first. Payments are non-refundable. No exceptions.

What happens if I stop making payments?
Communication is important. If there is a problem, contact me. Otherwise, if you stop making payments on the painting, you terminate the payment plan and the painting will be made available again for someone else to buy. You will not be refunded. No exceptions

Can I start payments on multiple paintings?
To keep things simple, no. It's easier this way.

When does my painting ship?
Your painting will be shipped to you after I have received the full amount that is to be paid for the painting. No exceptions.

How can I pay?
I accept Paypal, Stripe and Money Order. 

Are there any extra or hidden fees?

How do I start a payment plan?
Find the painting that you want. Read this page to get a good understanding of what payment plans entail and contact me through my Contact Form .

I have a question about payment plans that was not answered on this page.
Message me through my Contact Form and we'll discuss.